Forney Plus Architecture
FORNEY + architecture, LLC - The Architectural Process

Pre-design & Programming: “Our process begins as the vision in the mind of our clients”. Through verbal descriptions, images, program wish lists, site photos, and discussions, our clients provide information to assist us in determining the design direction and program requirements. A thorough zoning and building code review follows to set guidelines for the project.

Schematic Design (SD): Through a series of conceptual design sketches, meetings, and revisions to schematic design drawings, we arrive at a consensus for the design of the project.

Design Development (DD): The design proceeds with greater detail, and may include interior sketches, elevation sketches, in depth plan arrangement, and preliminary detail development. We begin the 2-D AutoCAD drawings that will be used for the final construction drawings. We initiate the coordination process with project consultants (Structural, and possibly Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Landscaping). At the end of this phase the client “signs off” on the design and construction documentation may begin.

Construction Documents (CD): Further evolution of the plans to include the dimensions, notes and details needed to allow construction of the project. Elevations are drawn in detail, wall sections, details, notes and specifications are created. The structural systems become evident, electrical fixtures are located, and mechanical & plumbing fixtures are planned. At the end of this phase, the project is ready for the Building Permit application, and the drawings are signed and sealed by the Architect.

Bidding & Negotiation (Bid): (Optional Service) The construction documents are sent to various contractors to determine a construction cost for the project. The Bids are received and analyzed to determine which offers the best value to the client.

Construction Administration (CA): The General Contractor begins construction of the project. The Owner can select whether full service CA is desired (schedules site visits, inspections, pay request review), or CA on an “as needed” basis. To decrease client cost, CA can occur at either completion of certain phases of the project, or if requested by the GC or client for clarification of a site issue, or unknown condition.

Final Walk-through (Punch List): (Optional Service) Client can select to have Architect present for final review of the project to look for omissions or if touch-ups are needed prior to Owner occupancy.