Forney Plus Architecture

We found Jane Ann and Rob through our neighbors who had recently completed building a new home designed by the Forney’s. Our neighbors were raving about their experience and now we can do the same.

The Forney’s designed a new addition and renovation to the existing interior of our home. We loved their creativity and many suggestions for us to consider. We were always appreciative of the quality of the detailed thinking and guidance they provided.

We were thrilled with their collaborative approach with us during the entire project. We also experienced their excellent collaboration with the general contractor both before and during the construction. After the project was completed, we continued to benefit from their follow-up responses to our questions. We would be happy to discuss our experience in more detail if you are considering using the Forney’s for your project.


Kathy Cramer & John Davis
65 Fair Oaks Drive
Ladue, MO

After a long search we found Jane Ann. It was our lucky day! We were in hopes of designing a home you didn't see in St. Louis everyday. What we wanted was more of a European look, something you would find in the countryside of Italy or France or in Carmel, California. Jane Ann had not done a home exactly like we had envisioned, but what she had done, were unusual homes, that answered the specific vision of her clients. By looking at her portfolio, we knew she didn't have one style, but the ability to be OPEN MINDED and to LISTEN to client's ideas and to be able to bring those ideas to life.

Jane Ann is the consummate professional. She is a great listener, practical in her approach, a great designer, and a good referee when two spouses don't see eye-to-eye. She has the ability to let you know your ideas have been heard, and that she will do all she can to make your vision a reality. If we were to do another home, Jane Ann's number would be first number we would call."

Giver her a call, you will be happy you did!

Ann Althoff and John (Jody) Mayer
Algonquin Estates
Glendale, MO

As an Interior Designer with over 20 years in the Design field, I have had the opportunity to work with Jane Ann as both a Client Representative and as a colleague. From a client perspective, her wealth of knowledge, design skills, and the personality she brings to the table are second to none. Her follow through and attention to detail is phenomenal, and my clients have been greatly pleased with the results.

Working with her as a colleague, she is amazing at taking the basic design concept and embellishing it. She easily interprets my design thoughts, and our combined skills have produced projects published in magazines such as “St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles”. For my projects, Jane Ann is my “go-to” Architect.

I highly recommend FORNEY+ architecture,

Pamela Calvert, ASID Allied
Pamela Calvert Designs